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Our Manifesto

​Greetings B.YOUtiful Soul🌺

Are you ready to do some Soulwork?

B.YOUnique Soulistic Care offers a Soulistic Approach to Self Care through BEauty & WELLness Soul Power Tools and Soul Sessions that Enhance the Body, Empower the Mind & Enlighten the Soul.

Our Mission is to Enhance, Empower  & Enlighten


Our Intention is to Spread LOVE and Provide REST


Our Vision is to create a world where people are Free to Be.

We are passionate about creating a YOUniverse that encourages you to,

"Be You, Be True, B.YOUnique!"

We vow to;

Listen   Overstand   Value   Embrace

and create a sacred space that provides

Resources   Education  Support soul power Tools

We Believe that You are gifted with all that you need in your journey.

We Encourage You to take time to discover who you truly are and ignite your Soul Power.

Your YOUniverse awaits You.

B.YOUnique embraces You.




Our Story

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At  B.YOUnique, Soulistic Care is our priority.

Since starting out in 2004, the focus has been on Self Cultivation.

We aim to redefine beauty so that it reflects the Soul Self, the Body, Mind and Soul, which is the pure essence of our being. 

With a passion for high-quality products and services, we take the initiative to do research so that we provide the very best and refuse to offer anything less.

We know that life can get hectic; therefore, B.YOUnique Soulistic Care is here to remind you to

"Be You, Be True, B.YOUnique!"






Our message is just as important as our products


   Your support is a source of energy that fuels our Mission.


Support the Business that supports YOU!


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We Value the Sacred Voices of the

B.YOUtiful Souls who stand for

Truth, Love, Freedom & Peace





Inspired by the Soul

" Be You, Be True, B.YOUnique!"

We strive to practice what we teach, that is why we are

Closed the last 7 days of the month, for our SPAbatical

(Soul Power Awakening sabbatical)

Honoring of Self.

Like the lotus flower that rises up every day,

"Out of the Murky Water, Beauty Blossoms."

~ Jalelu aka Julia Bean ~