Get Rid Of The Negative Nancy Narrative

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We all know her. That nagging voice. Those condescending words. That downing demeanor. Her presence is annoying, yet we constantly keep her around and entertain the thought that perhaps there is some truth to what she is saying. She's known as Negative Nancy but the truth is she is me, she is you. She is that voice that lies to you! That's right, I said it, she's a liar!

How many times have you wallowed in self doubt? Convinced that the screams and shouts from within is your voice of reasoning. Surely she must be right. Negative Nancy comes with evidence of your past "should nots" and "could nots". She brings them up as past failures and has you questioning your own greatness.

Whether the voice is Negative Nancy or Negative Nate, the voice is one that robs you of your greatness and I'm here to tell you that you don't have to tolerate this. You see, she and/or he is not your true voice. We are trained to think that the voice that speaks loudly is the voice that needs to be heard but that is a lie. so it's time to kick it to the waste side.

Get rid of any thought that makes you feel less than. Begin by speaking this simple affirmation, 'I AM---".

Fill it in with words of empowerment. "I Am Beautiful. I Am Smart, I Am Awesome". Keep it flowing. For every negative, demeaning thought, sprinkle some words of power on top. Feel your vibration rise as the negative narrative falls. The truth is when you change your mind, you change your life and it starts with speaking life into yourself.

Today, I challenge you to Get Rid of the Negative Nancy/Nate Narrative and see you for who you truly are. Beautiful, Smart, Awesome....

This is The "Love Warrior", Jalelu aka Julia Bean, sending you an Abundance of Peace, Love & Soulistic Healing, and reminding you to always, "Be YOU, Be True, B.YOUnique!"

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