Limits are really limitless

Greetings B.YOUtiful Soul.

Happy YOU Year!

Are you ready for some Monday Motivation? So am I. (Ha!)

Moments ago I had the bright idea to start a Monday Motivation Blog so here I am, with my back aching from spending hours in front of my new friend, the computer. My eyes watering from mental and physical fatigue due to traveling through the world wide web and making frequent Zoom stops. I attempt to calm my monkey mind but he is having too much fun. So here I am scratching my head as I try to figure this out and here you are reading this trying to figure me out.

My vision was that I would say something so magical that my words would unlock the infinite potential that dwells within the depths of your soul, but how can I, when in this moment I feel as if I am approaching zero?

Just as I was about to admit defeat the monkey had one more trick for me. I was presented with a riddle called "The limit function". The Riddle went like this, "The limit of a sum is equal to the sum of the limits. The limit of a difference is equal to the difference of the limits. The limit