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We’re committed to supporting You every step of your journey.



There is no one like YOU in this whole world! YOU are a YOUnique Soul gifted with all that you need for your journey.
We would LOVE to support you in accessing the tools that will ignite your Soul Power. 
We believe that LOVE is essential to success and in our YOUniverse that energy flows in abundance. 
Take the first step, schedule a complimentary 30 minute LOVE Session
and begin to discover YOU.


B.YOUnique Stress Free Delivery Service

You Can Count On B.YOUnique!

We strive to make your journey easier and stress free. You can count on B.YOUnique to deliver what you need locally.

Feel Free to call if you have questions


Curbside Pick up

B.YOUnique Soulistic Healing center is a proud member of the LPH Collective Good[s] Farmers + Makers Market, located in the beautiful community of Lower Price Hill.

Tent Tuesdays Curbside Pick up is a Free and Covid safe service that allows you to shop locally through Farmnivorous, and schedule to pickup your order at one of the Tent Tuesdays, happening outside of Meiser's and Outer Space's building, on the corner of State ave. and Hatmaker st.

If you are interested in this service Click on the link.

Checkout "B.YOUty News" to see pictures and more.

Image by Abhishek Shintre

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