Jalelu Speaks: The Making of My YOUnique Voice

The first speech that I ever presented in front of an audience was on Easter Sunday at True Holiness Church of God Silverton. I was 5 and was fly with my all white quilted dress, a splash of small yellow flowers with green stems gently decorating the already perfect attire. It didn't stop there though, my white stockings and black patent leather shoes made my outfit pop, and what came out my mouth made the church scream and shout 1,000 hallelujahs.

Without any doubt, hesitation nor fear, I spoke these words loud and clear;

"Hurray, Hurray, it's a Happy Easter day and all I have to say is Hurray!"

It was on this day, 1977, that I discovered "My YOUnique Voice" and it's been with me ever since.

This is your Soul SIStar in Love,

Jalelu aka Julia Bean

Sending you and abundance of Peace, Love & Soulistic Healing

and Encouraging You to always,

"Be You, Be True, B.YOUnique!"

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